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Samson XLS

Cruising sailors who desire optimal performance will appreciate this low stretch construction, smooth rendering, and long life of the 3-end per carrier cover over a polyester core.





Sampson WarpSpeed

High strength, low stretch and very low weight makes WarpSpeed the performance racer’s choice for double braid. The strength member in this double braid is 100% SK-75 fiber. The cover is flexible 24-strand polyester that providesexcellent handling and performance in stoppers and clutches, and enhanced abrasion resistance. The cover can be stripped where desired for greater weight savings.


Dyneema fiber is extremely strong with low elongation and stretch handling. It doesn't absorb water making it  light and easy to handle. Ultra-thin, finely calibrated lines actually last longer, despite looking and feeling less bulky—improving performance and safety. With a tough, UV protective polyester cover and only one-third the stretch of dacron, dyneema halyards
perforn well.


Dynex DUX

It does not stretch. Period! And it releases and wears in perfectly and will not burn. Dynex Dux 75 is stronger by some 20—45% in smaller diameters than Dynex 75. Elongation is about 3%. Relatively new in the world, DUX is the new "Super Rope." By pre-stretching and cooking Dyneema you create a line with significantly higher strength and much lower stretch.



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